This product gives you the option to order a plain board to decorate to your heart’s content.


All measurements are given in mm as follows: Width (Width between the clamps) x Height. The 190 (140) x 160 dimension option can be thought of as the “standard” size. The model compatibility is as follows: Sherco and TRS (190 (135) x 160), Honda TLR (180 (140) x 160), Osset 12.5 (160 (135) x 125), and Osset 16, 20, 24, and 36 (170 (135) x 205). Those who need alternate dimensions can order under the ‘Custom Dimensions’ option.


All boards can be ordered in two separate finishes- ‘Plastic Acrylic’ or ‘Carbon-Fibre Effect’, and come in 8 different colour options. Both the ‘Plastic Acrylic’ and the ‘Carbon-Fibre Effect’ option are made from 3mm plastic acrylic.

Plain Plastic Board