This board is at the heart of what Custom Boardz aims for as a company. A fully bespoke board, flexible enough to suit any need. What makes this board unique is the level of customisation available- no longer limited to pre-existing logos, we can work to design an entirely unique image for you from scratch. Names, numbers, favourite characters- you name it! All can be added to this board. We can even change up the shape of the board if you’d prefer.


All measurements are given in mm as follows: Width (Width between the clamps) x Height. The 190 (140) x 160 dimension option can be thought of as the “standard” size. The model compatibility is as follows: Sherco and TRS (190 (135) x 160), Honda TLR (180 (140) x 160), Osset 12.5 (160 (135) x 125), and Osset 16, 20, 24, and 36 (170 (135) x 205). Those who need alternate dimensions can submit them in the customisation box.


All boards can be ordered in three separate finishes- ‘Plastic Acrylic+ Vinyl Decal’, ‘Carbon-Fibre Effect + Vinyl Decal’, and ‘CNC Engraved’. The boards come in 10 different colour options, including two that will not be found on any other board from us- Pink and Dark Green!. It should be noted that the CNC board cannot have multiple colours included in the design, as it is limited to two- the chosen topping acrylic colour, and the silver of the aluminium.


Both the ‘Plastic Acrylic + Vinyl Decal’ and the ‘Carbon-Fibre Effect + Vinyl Decal’ option are made from 3mm plastic acrylic, and the ‘CNC Engraved’ option is an aluminium PVC composite board made by placing 0.5mm of aluminium between two sheets of 3mm plastic acrylic, so that the aluminium is revealed in the engraving process.


Submit your design below, or send a jpeg/detailed description to

Fully Bespoke Board