This standard Fantic board is designed with flexibility in mind. Made in a simple shape that can be fitted to all Fantic models, this is the perfect product for those looking for a no-frills, traditional, bike board.


The board comes in 8 colours, and you can choose between three finishes- ‘Plastic Acrylic + Vinyl Decal’, ‘Carbon-Fibre Effect + Vinyl Decal’, and ‘CNC Engraved’. Both the ‘Plastic Acrylic + Vinyl Decal’ option and the ‘Carbon Fibre Effect+ Vinyl Decal’ are made from 3mm plastic acrylic, and the ‘CNC Engraved’ option is an aluminium PVC composite board made by placing 0.5mm of aluminium between two sheets of 3mm plastic acrylic, so that the aluminium is revealed in the engraving process.


Those looking to customise the board further (by adding names, numbers, extra design elements, or even to change to colours of the logo) can select the ‘Customised’ option below, submitting their design either through the in-page dialogue boxes, or by sending a jpeg/detailed description to It should be noted that the CNC board cannot have additional colour added to it, as it is limited to two colours- the chosen topping acrylic colour, and the silver of the aluminium.

Fantic- Standard Board