Frequently asked questions

Can i Do My Own Design?

Yes! Using the Latest Software and our Exspertise in Graphic design we are are always Happy to create your very own bespoke design..

Can i Add Colour to my board?

Yes We can add the colour but only on the Plastic and Decal Boards..All Plastic Boards are Laser Cut with a Flame Polished Edge made from 3mm Perspex giving it a much more rigid feel rather thn the Thinner Plastic boards.

Can i Design My Own Decals

Yes You Can Design All Your Own Graphics and We Can Print and Apply them to Your Hoodies or Boards..All Decals are Die Cut On Our In House Printers ..All We Ask is that you Supply a good File For us to Work With

Can You Make Parts?

Yes We Can Do Parts But Only Small Parts..We Can Create Moulds using our 3D Printers and them vaccum form from Plastics..we can Also Cut Parts From Our Other Materials Using our CNC Machines

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